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Why Are Frenchies So Expensive???

It is extremely important to understand what goes in to raising French Bulldogs so that you understand why they are priced the way they are. This will help you to be well informed and understand why there are different prices that you will see while searching for the perfect puppy.

Lets start with breeding them....Due to the structure of the French Bulldog they require Artificial Insemination. From the time they go into heat the girls are monitored daily, along with vaginal cytologies (viewing the changes in their vaginal cells), and monitoring their progesterone levels via blood tests. Once we determine that they are ready to breed they are Artificially Inseminated regularly for 5-7 days. At 26 days the girls have an ultrasound to determine whether or not they are pregnant. From the time of breeding their diet is changed to account for the extra nutrition required. Each girl will receive scrambled eggs and cottage cheese in addition to their standard food for extra protein and calcium and will continue this diet until the puppies are weaned.

One week before their due date they have an x-ray so we can attempt to get a good puppy count and see how large the puppies are. Due to the narrow hips and large heads of the Frenchies the delivery of the puppies is done by C-section. 

60 days from the first breeding date the girls are monitored 24/7. Their temp is taken twice per day and documented. When they start to show that they are getting close we begin to monitor progesterone again. Once the progesterone has dropped or they start labor they are taken in for their C-section. Fingers crossed this will happen during business hours. An Emergency C-Section will cost several thousand dollars.

If all goes well the mama and babies will do great and when we get home she will immediately take care of her babies.

Unfortunately that isn't always the case. Due to the fact that they don't naturally deliver they don't get that boost of oxytocin that puts them into a euphoric state and helps them bond with their babies. They don't always get their milk immediately either. In either of these cases the puppies must be bottle fed. In some cases the puppies must be tube fed. This will last anywhere from 1 day to the full 4 weeks until they are weaned. Each puppy takes an average of 20min to bottle feed and MUST be fed every 2 hours around the clock. If you have a litter of 4 that is 80min. You get to sleep for 40min before you start all over again. Raising puppies is a HUGE commitment. It can be absolutely exhausting at times, but also extremely rewarding. I had a puppy that the mother refused to nurse. He was bottle fed the first 4 weeks and literally lived in my shirt the first 2 weeks. Then I carried him in my purse. He went EVERYWHERE with me!

All of our puppies get a minimum of 2 out of the 3 required puppy shots before they come home. They are also fully dewormed with a negative fecal check and a full health exam by a licensed Veterinarian.

This all being said, not every breeder puts in the same amount of time and money. There are some breeders who chance their breedings, some that chance a natural birth, putting their girls and the babies at risk, only to save a dime. Some are not very hands on with their dogs at all. If a breeder won't give you a Veterinary Reference BEWARE! You should be able to follow up with a Veterinarian at any time on the care of their dogs. Know their dogs names and ask specifically about those dogs. You can find a cheap French Bulldog, but remember you get what you pay for. Its better to pay up front than get a dog you have to put thousands into for health problems. When the breeder takes short cuts you are more likely to be left with a dog that is prone to long term health issues. A good breeder that puts their all into their dogs are lucky to break even financially. There is only one way to become a millionaire breeding start out a billionaire.

The Pricing of our puppies is purely based on the quality of our dogs, and the quality of the care that is given. We don't have a different price based on sex or color.

A non refundable deposit to hold the puppy of your choice is $500.00

For AKC Registration without Breeding or Show Rights the price of our puppies is $3500.00

If you are interested in Breeding Rights please contact me directly so details can be discussed.

If you choose not to get a puppy from me PLEASE be smart in the breeder that you choose, don't take a puppy home until they are at least 9wks old and NEVER buy a puppy from a Pet Store. When talking to a breeder always ask LOTS of questions. If they won't answer your questions move on.

  • What they feed their dogs?
  • If their dogs get flea/heartworm treatment?
  • Are their dogs up to date on their vaccines/wormings?
  • Do they see a licensed vet regularly?
  • Always ask for a Vet reference and their dog's names so you can ask specify the dog's name when you call.
  • If their puppies are seen by a vet.
  • Do they give a health guarantee?
  • Do they provide a health record?
  • Do they provide a puppy pack?

Best of luck on your puppy search. If you are interested in one of our puppies please use the contact us link to be informed when we have available puppies!

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